The Night Garden Toys - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Plush Toys.

The Night Garden Toys

the night garden toys

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Day 29 - Glow Poi

Day 29 - Glow Poi

As you can see my Poi spinning skils are non existent. I could do with more room to practice and some new finger loops. Unfortunately the finger loops on these cool glowing ones are made from nylon rucksac type material and they give me blisters, so I've not been able to use them that much. We've bought some nice soft material to make some new ones with but just need to get round to it. These Poi have LEDs in them which cycle through a load of different colours, and look pretty smart at night, just need to learn to swing them around proper and they will look coloer.

In the Night Garden cake

In the Night Garden cake

Bottom tier is vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and crumbcoated in vanilla buttercream
Top tier is chocolate cake filled and crumbcoated in chocolate buttercream

Plastic toys were used on this cake

the night garden toys

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